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Welcome Bunnies!

New Jeans is a five-member Kpop group composed of Park Ji Heon, Kim Dae Han, Jung Dae Seong, Choi Jin Soo, and Park Hyeon Gyu. They debuted in 2021 under Wuzo Entertainment with their single "Back Door" and have since released "Roller Coaster" and "Night Drive." The group is known for their energetic and dynamic performances, as well as their mix of various music genres, including EDM, pop, and hip-hop. Each member brings unique talents and personalities to the group, creating a well-balanced and dynamic ensemble.

Fandom name

NewJeans' fans are officially called BUNNIES! This adorable name is a perfect fit for the group, who are known for their cute and playful image. The name reflects the fans' love and support for the group, who have won over many hearts with their music and charming personalities. As BUNNIES, NewJeans fans can hop along with the group on their journey to success and enjoy all the fun and excitement that comes with being a part of a devoted and enthusiastic fandom.