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Good to know :

*Discoloration of skin or jewelry

This has nothing to do with cheap materials, but with all kinds of other factors. 


*What causes it?

Metal (often an alloy of several types of metal) and real silver can discolour or discolor the skin due to:


- perfume or cosmetics (particularly substances such as calamine, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and electrolytic oxide)


- water (moisture causes corrosion/rust)


- sweat (salt and moisture -> corrosion/rust)


- use of antibiotics or certain medications


- the acidity of the skin also plays a role; the more acidic the skin, the faster jewelry discolors. The acidity can be influenced by health, medication, diet, heat (sweating), cosmetics, etc. 


*Redness of the skin or an allergic reaction is usually a reaction to moisture in combination with soap (residues) or cosmetics.


*Discoloration of real silver jewelry is easy to prevent by regularly cleaning and polishing the jewelry.

Real gold can also occasionally discolour in response to chemicals in cosmetics or medication. The more karat gold, the less quickly it discolors.


Tips & tricks

If it concerns metal jewelry, unfortunately we cannot do anything about the discoloration, except advise you to choose stainless steel in the future, which rarely discolors.

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