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Malachite is a powerful stone. It protects against radiation, pollution, accidents and other sources of negative energy and danger. The stone brings emotional balance and stability and makes you more resilient.

It reduces anxiety and can bring suppressed feelings and experiences to the surface. As a result, it helps to make positive changes and to release blockages, inhibitions and negative behavioral patterns.

Malachite strengthens empathy and understanding and stimulates healthy and equal (friendly) relationships. Physically, it has a detoxifying effect, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system and the body's self-healing capacity. In addition, malachite can help with asthma, arthritis and osteoarthritis, bone fractures, epilepsy and problems with the heart and blood vessels. The stone is particularly suitable for women because it has a positive effect on the female genitals, (pre) menstrual complaints, female sexual problems (especially with an emotional or traumatic background) and supports childbirth.
N.B.: Malachite can cause mild palpitations in exceptional cases; then remove it immediately and replace it with rose quartz or rhodonite.