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Welcome Engenes!


Enhypen is a seven-member K-pop group formed in 2020 through the survival reality show called "I-LAND." The members are Jungwon (leader, main vocalist), Heeseung (main vocalist), Jay (lead vocalist, rapper), Jake (lead vocalist, rapper), Sunghoon (vocalist, dancer), Sunoo (vocalist, dancer), and Ni-Ki (main dancer, vocalist, rapper). The group debuted with their EP "Border: Day One" in November 2020 and has since gained popularity for their high-energy performances and impressive vocal and dance skills. They have also been recognized for their unique concept that blends both masculine and feminine elements.

The group Enhypen has officially announced their fandom name, which is Engene! The name represents the group's bond with their fans and their journey together as they pursue their dreams. The name also combines the words "engine" and "gene," symbolizing the fans' powerful support and contribution towards Enhypen's growth and development as artists. Engene has already become a trending topic on social media, with fans expressing their excitement and pride in being part of the Enhypen family.