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Hematite is a reddish brown to blackish gray, sometimes iridescent mineral with a metallic sheen. It is an iron oxide and the main iron ore. Hematite is slightly magnetic but not as strong as magnetite.

Hematite has a grounding, protective and harmonizing effect. The stone gives self-confidence, increases self-esteem and the urge to survive and strengthens willpower. It improves concentration and memory. It is a good stone to wear to help with addictions and compulsive disorders. Hematite stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. Hematite has a powerful effect on the blood and helps with circulatory problems such as anemia, hemorrhoids and nosebleeds. It also works for leg cramps and insomnia.

Hematite can be cleaned and charged in all ways, but must be dried well if it has been in contact with water. Otherwise the stone may rust.