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Fluorite can be dark yellow, green, blue, violet or black in color. The stone is translucent with a glassy sheen.

Fluorite can fade under the influence of sunlight and it is better not to expose this stone too much to water

The purple fluoride stone

The purple fluoride stone is known for its calming and protective properties. It is often used to reduce anxiety and negative emotions while enhancing feelings of stability and security at the same time. It can also help improve concentration and memory and reduce mental confusion. In addition, the purple fluoride stone is often used to stimulate the immune system and provide protection against negative energies.

The green fluoride stone

Green fluoride stone is often used for calmness and relaxation, as well as promoting creativity and self-expression. It is also used for boosting concentration and promoting healthy sleep. Green fluoride stone is known for its ability to stabilize the emotions and release tension. It can also help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. In general, green fluoride stone is used to improve overall well-being and balance physical, emotional and spiritual energies.