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Operation Apatite

Apatite promotes spiritual skills and reaches great heights in meditation. The stone turns its wearer into a communicative person, even extroverted. She gives joy of life and pleasure in company. The wearer becomes supple-minded, energetic, confident, clear, aware and in good contact with the higher self. The stone promotes mental, physical and spiritual development.


The stone promotes clear communication, increases and enhances spiritual skills and provides wonderful meditations.

Emotional & Mental

Apatite counteracts apathy, exhaustion, lethargy, aggression, worry and irritability. It increases the need for variety and adventure and promotes creativity. The blue powerhouse gives strength, mobilizes the energy reserves. A good stone for recovery after exhaustion and burnout.


The gemstone also works physically revitalizing and stimulates cell growth, growth of cartilage, bones and teeth and calcium absorption. As a result, it has a positive effect on arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint complaints and bone fractures. Apatite also has a positive effect on metabolism, hyperactivity and autism. Apatite promotes the pumping action of the heart and therefore the blood flow of all tissues. The gemstone gives a healthy appetite. The stone is an important part of our bones and supports the formation of new cells, the growth of cartilage, bones and teeth. The mineral therefore helps with the consequences of poor posture (RSI!), with bursitis, English disease, arthritis, arthrosis and joint problems.

It promotes healing of bone fractures and the consequences of surgery. Supporting stone in osteoporosis. Stimulates healthy digestion and improves intestinal function. Provides relief from Crohn's disease and helps to remove parasites in the intestines of humans and animals. Make water from the stone for internal use. The mineral reduces and heals flu, cold, nasal congestion, cough and hoarseness. Then use this crystal as a pendant, oil, water and elixir. Drink half to a whole liter of the decoction, spread over the day.

Green Apatite

promotes balance and fairness.

Blue Apatite

has a positive effect on an inferiority complex.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite contains the element of fire. The crystal makes decisive, provides mental clarity and gives 'backbone'. Powerful healing on the 3rd chakra (soul connection) where it removes blockages and restarts the energy flow. This makes the line to the soul more powerful so that the soul path is clearly visible again. Yellow Apatite gives abundance in all aspects of life. It provides insight into which risks are justified and which are not. In addition, it attracts financial abundance, making it the ideal stone for people who have their own business or want to start. It also helps with studying and is a good help with fears and self-imposed limitations. This sunny crystal gives passion and joy, helps to manifest and brings deep insights during meditations.

Physically, Yellow Apatite is a good support for ME, depression, digestion, liver, pancreas, spleen and gallbladder. Need help with losing weight? This crystal helps suppress appetite.